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Here’s how it is: Gods are dicks. They always have been. They ask too much of humans, don’t they? The best livestock, a chunk of your money, and in some cases, a first born child. What do humans get in exchange? A promise that obliteration would not come as long as the offering was paid. As long as the praise was given. 

But this doesn't sit right with everyone. Especially when there's grave injustices being carried out in these gods' name. Small or more obscure divine try to gain their own footholds to rewrite the rules themselves. 

This is you. 

Make your own god, rewrite the rules of the world, remake things in your own image. Build a following and dethrone the divine!

While the book includes a character sheet, a much, much nicer version was made by Tasha Duncan, who very kindly offered it up to be added to the official page. All props to Tasha because it's now my preferred character sheet. 


Get this game and 642 more for $10.00 USD
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