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The imagination of a child is one of the purest forms of magic. It can take molded plastic or stitched fabric and turn it into a living thing. Of course the child can never be aware of that. Just think of the consequences of knowing your toys had thoughts and feelings and were ever present. 

Toys have a task beyond basic play. They're here to protect their human child. Because out of the same imagination that created these toy guardians (called Toy Goons), evil shapeshifting Bougee are also made. The Bougee want nothing more than to feed on a child's worst fears. 

Goons in Toyland is an RPG based upon Nate Treme's "Tunnel Goons" and the world created in The Chaos Grenade's "Shroom Goons". A knowledge of either system or setting aren't needed. Goons in Toyland is meant to be enjoyed by the young or the young at heart. All that you need is 2 six sided dice, pencil, paper, this book, and plenty of imagination!

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
Tagsall-ages, goons, shroom, Tabletop, toyland, toys


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More than one. However many the guide feels comfortable with

10/10 My cheap dollar store commando and a Gumby toy made deals with dust bunnies, evaded the family dog and fought a monster in the basement furnace. I'm biased but legit love this game.